wtorek, 6 grudnia 2016

The International Nothing (..and something) - The Power Of Negative Thinking

Whatever happened to the artists of free improv scene that got afloat in the 2000's? I always ask myself this question. Well, I got an answer in the Monotype release both on cd and vinyl.
Kai Fagaschinski and Michael Thieke are the st up of the The International Nothing duo which is about two clarinets coming into the mutual dialogue. Three albums on Japanese Ftarri label proved there are not many matching elements in the experimental post-improv scene. After meeting Christian Weber and Eric Schaefer on respectively double bass and drums there were no doubt that International Nothing has to mutate into full blown band.
The new extension not only widened and enriched the spectrum of the music but also gave a deep end jump feel to it.
They seem to explore many variants of different modulations, idioms and approaches like polyrhythmia with subtle microtonal touch. Whatever theme goes on you are sure to be nicely surprised how much they can absorb from each other and how much is being released in mutual osmosis. Which leads me to the conclusion that apart from the obvious craft and musicianship there so so much groovy energy to those guys. I will be looking forward to listen to some new stuff they will release...

poniedziałek, 5 grudnia 2016

Bartek Kujawski - Daily Bread

Bartek Kujawski whom we know from MIK.MUSIK strikes again and strikes deeply.
His new album which is released in not that much period break than the previous one delivers short but very thoughtful kick.
Previously active as 8rolek, Bartek was one of the main characters in MIK.MUSIK record label which was both progressive musically and in terms of design - flirting with minimalism and surreal messages - we need to give credit to Wojtek Kucharczyk, tireless mastermind of the whole enterprise who is still doing the thing.
8rolek was classified as cyberfolk once which conveyed a great deal of...nothing specific as the labels usually do. The experimental electronic minimalism derived from post-techno made its way to a completely new romance.
Following the footsteps of the previous album which held a concept within a nicely designed frame.
Starts with a percussive intro together with sounds of farmland critters and then moving on to dramatic passages where old school 1980's synth sounds are elevated to the symphonic momentum where the beats are close to some party hype stuff.
What beats me is that everything here although being so intense 6 tracks is so rich in colour and composition values and awareness of music that I am just eagerly waiting for his new output, thinking, what it will be this time? I bet something even more interesting...

niedziela, 27 listopada 2016

Pieśni z kącika ust by Bordo

Bordo has been around for good couple of years, always on the margin of the independent music in Poland. I guess around 1994/95. Robert and Michał who are both based in Cracow, Poland give a melancholic, bruitistic and quite dark outlet for a piece that has so many diverse links to their interests and how they exemplify in their music
It's experimental, through vocal and the bass it has a reference to dark wave and new wave, Vocal of Robert is a strangely crooner type - gives you an idea how deeply existential they both are.
Bordo also gave me some certain kind of hope towards thinking that the spirit of making music is incessant and restless and will always somehow emerge from the depth of the hiding place in consumerism ridden world, not only as an idiom not to be understood but more of a living idea that has no contradiction - exists as it is.
"Pieśni z kącika ust" gives you quite a profound chance to see the influences traversed into originality and unassuming quality of something that somewhat somehow was gone. But it's not. It's here... still to stay.

środa, 23 listopada 2016

jeffrey roden: threads of a prayer volume 1

Jeffrey Roden has been on his musical path for good couple of years, first as a professional bassist n variety of genres which gave him a great insight in what his music path needs and how it can be developed.
This double cd that had its premiere on 14th of November 2016 is a set of compositions which might give a sound engineer a quickening of the pulse.
A mark of more than 10 year pilgrimage is an outlet of both intimacy and the skill that Jeff with his ensemble presents.
A reminiscent of spiritual voyages which you can date and relate back towards Arvo Part, Morton Feldman has a highly unique bond of experience and taste in music that is both performed and listened to as an active musician/listener.
A chamber jazz maids and fragile improvisations that are left behind the veil of silence- its dosage gets a fair amount.of  turn.
I am really looking forward to the next part

The Case Against by Howard Stelzer

Howard Stelzer is...
Seemingly the phrase that catches the catcher in the rye has been revoked too many times in the case of the much revered bonhomie of sound and concept that follows the footsteps of somewhat mature picture of an artist.
The cassette tape is...
varnished and tarnished, scratched and diluted medium of old school joy turned into the vast terrain of vast inner landscape.
The elaborate conjunction of white pink green blue and grey cassette noise that is layered into melodious swirl of ambience, dense and giving you the feeling of desolate places which Maine , US is full of.
For the dreaded adventure of being an outcast in the world full of self assuming idioms.
For the part of yourself where no one dares to listen.
For the balance of equities that finally prevails.
For the joy of listening and being shut up.