środa, 12 października 2016

mixcloud new chapter


Felix Kubin is a titan of work and a magician of sound and design. All his work and the whole of his body of work all in all, every single detail are extraordinarily pieces of irony, innuendo, conceptual genius, sense of humour, play with ideas and textures.
Music for film and theatre is another interesting proposal of joining the game.
First track is a fist in the face - voices ( in Polish)  and electronics used in Robert Florczak's stage Macbeth Remix.
Then we have  a waltz from Schorsch Kamerun's "Des Kaisers neue
Kleider" (by Hans Christian Andersen) and the complete soundtrack
(including the actual sound design) for Anke Feuchtenberger's animation
short "Somnambule".
What is great about music here it has a great deal of suspense and dramatism and it helps a lot with getting in tune and actually listen to it outside of the box. Felix delivers as always!!!

Ingar Zach – Le Stanze

His solo 5th album released by legendary Sofa,  Ingar Zach filled with  a magical interplay of sound and silence that is rarely heard in improvised music these days.
Thumping and pumping, extraordinarily intertwined with moments of empty sound with his master hand never sets you down and never releases ounce less or ounce more - again it's very motoric record that puts some food for thought how the dynamics and dynamism are working when it is needed. what is more here Ingar clearly understands what a contrast in music is and mastered it at a very high level. Poly-rhythmic frenzy and sonorous hum. melodies into beats, beats into melodies...

Jehm Circs

Cellule 75 is new label by Black to Comm's Max Richter who also runs under moniker Jehm Circs.
A really interesting album made up entirely of sampled voices which at first  before I even thought and started listening was probably one of them to be plunderphonic albums but emerged out of something less disorientating and actually completely different in tone and in style that most of the plunderphonics represent.
First of all the voice here is used methodically and somewhat geometrically - it creates not only textures but also melodies and patterns that are somewhat easy listening and you can basically call them tunes.
If you think of a source material and how it is subtly glitched and transposed into structures you can just be astounded how smoothly and beautifully it is done.
Max really did an fair amount of work that has so much clean and transparent energy to it- I think I would probably put it in line of the best albums of the passing year.

Matt Christensen - Honeymoons by Miasmah records

Imagine singer/songwriter archetype transposed magically into the dwindling twilight of mystery and elusiveness which even most of the shoegaze genre or post rocking melancholiacs - and I don't mean boring delayed and reverberated guitar frenzy that is so popular right not.
Miasmah records presents newest album by Matt Christensen which may come across at the first listening as something which lacks rhythm and motoric quality to it but just fades into waves of echoed subtlety of vocal and guitar with distant electronic background. Well now I could just wrap my review and say - that's all folks. But Matt genuinely magically brings so much goodness to emerge - if you think of some references think about Talk Talk or David Sylvian stuff but even subtler without harrowing and pretentious Sturm und Drang pathos.
Soft delicacy at its best!