środa, 21 września 2016

Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes – Versatile Ambiance

Outside the ancedotal knowledge and evidence of how the mutual friendships and collaborative artwork can endure the trial of time and distance there is so much space for effortless symbiosis of communication, wit and conceptual foundation which spreads way over intellectual bonhomie.

Two protagonists of this story are long time experimentators within variety of frameworks.
Jeph Jerman is probably best known for his home taping project Hands To and handsome solo works as well as collaborative projects. Tim Barnes is living magma of creative energy - performer, curator, percussionist whose experience is used not only in experimental aspect but also in contexts of rock music for instance.
Their work is way over 12 years, comprises of sonic landscape exploration.
Imagine subtleness and intricacy, not always as smooth as you tend to think of nature, skipping the hypnagogue self-important bit of chill and meditative void. Jeph and Tim are insiders - their focused art is not a child-like play. There is a great deal of sterness and humbleness that highlights the true actor and the stage itself here - Nature.

sobota, 10 września 2016


Norway based singer Eva Pfitzenmaier released her second album simply named "two" with help of two lads in Bergen - Stephan Meidell who mixed and recorded it in his studio Kakofon and Jørgen Træen who kindly mastered it. 
Her elusive work is a facsimile to a wide range of her interests which blend jazz and pop music, glitch, electronics, beat based in post techno and free form of improvised music as well as minimal and blues.
First track is an embodiment of her style - individualistic and elaborate encapsulated in minimal form and therefore travesting the idea that minimal has to be obscure and devoid of something more complexed. A glitch without decimator and ring modulation, jazz and pop without pompousity and vanity of both, rhythm which could be easily clapped but yet gives a great firmanent of the whole piece. Second track is on the other hand a reference to negro blues labour chanting. Third track is elongation of it and pushes the music into free form clean cut, delicate electronic swirl.
the directness and lack of too much over-production is kindda tempting. How about "three"? I can't wait

niedziela, 17 lipca 2016


In some seemingly elusive way I tend to be attracted to the duos in music. It's collateral damage of the meeting of two minds working on a mutually equilibrated piece that gives you an idea what an undisturbed dialogue can mean.
Anthony Burr and another Anthony, Greek-Australian Pateras in this case even look alike and as I would like to think of them - they share the passion for modern experimental music and have a great background of musical variety behind them.
The cd here is an outlet of creative energy - a meditation of instruments entangled in the psychodrama of internal punctuations and sways and folds. The subtle ambience of emulated natural flow cascade of energy. Poignant, concise and elusive.

poniedziałek, 27 czerwca 2016

Wunderkamera by Slalom

Ever since Rock in opposition, more experimental edges of King Crimson, no-wave of NY and other derivatives of both European and American guitar/drums/keyboard based improvisational music there is some re-occurring wave of composers shaping those influences and other refreshing ones to create a new formulaic structure to set up a trap to reviewers. A trap to re-think how much in to develop, how much there is a steady ground of references that could stretch back to Zappa's voyages.
But let's leave aside those divagation.
Beautifully designed artwork reveals an interesting concept of Wunderkamera which and I quote: "Wunderkamera, or Cabinets of curiosities (a.k.a. Kunstkabinett, Kunstkammer, Wunderkammer, Cabinets of Wonder, wonder-rooms) - collections of objects whose categorical boundaries were, in Renaissance Europe yet to be defined. Modern terminology would categorize the objects included as belonging to natural history (sometimes faked), geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art. The Wunderkamera was regarded as a microcosm or theater of the world, and a memory theater. Besides the most famous, best documented cabinets of rulers and aristocrats, members of the merchant class and early practitioners formed collections that were precursors to museums."
The musical contents is a witty, eloquent and erudite's dialogue of guitars, drums, synthesizers and voice. 
It's really difficult to categorise it - there is a bit of jazzy post rock improv, musical cabaret, electronic experiments, great sense of drum&bass ( not the genre) co-operation, head-cleaning upbeat leads and motivating dynamism.
One of the bands that you simply cannot miss.

poniedziałek, 20 czerwca 2016

PIERCE WARNECKE Memory Fragments

Californian born but based in Spain - a composer and a visual artists Pierce Warnecke transposes us into terra nulius of memories. Their set up in mind and the perception process as well as the erosion is the main subject of his work.
What we have here is a fine piece of sound art work somewhat dramatised by very thorough research process which is reflected also in the actual composition.
His elaborate tracks of orchestral derivative, prepared sounds, droney abstract ambiency of processed field recorded origin and the depth acquired by excellent production just leaves no trace of feeble triviality. And hey, this is a debut album.
Striving for more...

środa, 20 kwietnia 2016

Rat's Nest by Left Hand Cuts Off The Right and Graham Dunning

Graham Dunning and Robbie Judkins divide their collaborative album into long tracks - over 30 minutes each. Before I even listened to their material on Graham's bandcamp I thought listening to it on a tape would be much better and I have to admit that it went really well.
Long compositions don't prompt me into thinking that it is going to be just another boring drone ambient album and the more they evolve I got a notion of two mature artists who work within the idiom of sound art but there is emotional line to their work that helps to make this beautiful piece of work more than just an experiment. There is a gem of yearning, depth to it that creates an intimate feeling to it that is not lost between the verses of glitchy bleeps and unison machinery voices, a rhythmical pattern that reminds me of something genuine and additionally it has the quality of ethnic music in an electronic sauce.
Both Robbie and Graham have an excellent background in academic sound art and I was a little bit afraid that it might just cancel the DIY spirit that these both represent uniquely in their solo careers but nothing of this sort here. There is honesty in this music and that what makes me feeling like coming to it back and back again. Bring on the flavour, chaps! Great stuff!

wtorek, 5 kwietnia 2016

49°05'19​,​3"N 22°34'04​,​0'E by STROM NOIR / MICROMELANCOLIÉ

An excellent work of joined Robert Skrzyński and Emil Ma'tko forces from invaluable Zoharum label.
A pool of sounds near swanky villa of deteriorated phantasms, somesuch implausibility of how much we strain ourselves to differentiate the jigz and spins of the drone waves together with guitar ambience laden with sound manipulations create a soundtrack for passing through the stations of imaginary journey from godforsaken land somewhere amidst thorny and scrubby cliffs of consciousness.
This material bears something that is timeless, is a link between the classic approach of composing different structures and yet keeping everything in reign of quite an experimental stance.
As always both artists keep high level of artistic awareness and mastering of their own talents.